Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sports Festing!!

The month of October has been relatively slow because my counterpart is the head of the sports committee.  Consequently, I have been stuck in the office writing a proposal to our Provincial government for a budget for my next project…writing a coastal resource management plan for my municipality.    After we finish implementing our sanctuary, which I hope will be complete by January or February I’ll start on the CRM plan.  The plan is a comprehensive view of fisheries in Buenavista which will include a workshop for barangay captains and leaders of people’s organizations in all barangays that contain fisherfolk.  Exercises will include, but not limited to: discussion on what a CRM plan is and why is it needed, cover coastal ordinances, coastal law enforcement; discuss current and future fisheries projects, issues on pollution, illegal fishing, and coastal delineation or zoning of waters between barangays. 

I participated in a tree planting with my fellow municipal employees in a rural barangay the first week of November.  We caravanned it to the nursery which contained about 250-300 tree seedlings.  I personally planted 6 trees and as a group I would venture to guess that we planted 200 trees.  It was the first time I have participated in a tree planting here in my municipality.  It was a fun morning where I was able to meet a lot of other employees.  My office is not connected to the municipal hall and as a result, we are sort of segregated.      

In mid-October our municipality had a parade to kick off the 2.5 month long sports fest.  There is an inter-agency basketball league, which I am playing in.  There are 8 teams in the league: White House which includes municipal employees (my team), water district, educators, association of barangay captains, police, Buenavista business owners, fathers of St. Nino catholic school, and navy.  There is also a volleyball and basketball league for under 16 youth.  There are games going on almost every day in the gym, so it’s a lot of fun…. But not much work gets accomplished unfortunately.  The fest leads up to our municipal fiesta which is on January 15.

Tomorrow, I will be heading to Manila for MST (Mid Service Training) which starts on Wednesday.  Saturday and Sunday I will be hanging out at Morgan’s site and then I have to return to Manila for a dental check up on Monday morning.  I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t a little nervous for this affair.  Filipinos love sweet foods and soda, although I have lost about 15 lbs since coming here I think my teeth have taken a beating.  I have drunk more soda than I probably ever have since I was 12 in this country.  Anyway I’ll let you know how my teeth fair in the dentist chair on my next update.  So, MST is Wednesday-Saturday, and then 4 other PCV’s and myself are heading up to Northern Luzon to hike Mt. Amuyao. (  Mt. Amuyao is one of the highest peaks in the Philippines and will take us 2-3 days depending on our pace.  I have been in contact with a guide that many other previous PCV’s have used for hikes.  I’m really looking forward to finding some cooler weather and getting out of dodge for a few weeks.  After our hike we will be meeting up with 20+ PCV’s for Thanksgiving.  Keeping my fingers crossed that one of us can find a turkey! 
Dason lang

Parade through town proper for opening of Sports Fest

Teams gathering for opening ceremony (Gym in background)

PULIS raising the Filipine flag.  Police man on the right was last years MVP